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At Brasserie Beau, we celebrate the ever-changing bounty of the British countryside. Our commitment to quality begins with sourcing meat directly from individual farmers. Take, for instance, the remarkable Huntsham Court Farm, where rare breed beef and Middlewhite pork thrive under meticulous care. But that’s not all—our wild venison hails from Deer Box, just a stone’s throw away in Wiltshire. Here, the team manage free-ranging herds of Fallow, Roe, and Muntjac deer, ensuring that every cut reaches its pinnacle of flavour. By responsibly managing deer populations, we contribute to woodland biodiversity while offering you the most delectable wild game.

From Sea to Plate Our fish journey from the pristine waters of Flying Fish in St Austell, Cornwall. The catch of the day depends on sustainable landings by the day boats we trust. Freshness and flavour guide our choices, ensuring a experience that’s second to none.

The Brasserie Ethos At Brasserie Beau, we honour the essence of a true brasserie: simple, classic dishes executed to perfection, with a touch of French influence. Sharing is caring, and our menu features delightful options like the Roe deer shoulder for two or the unforgettable venison pie for two. Diverse Delights for non-meat eaters and those with gluten-free preferences, including our Souffle Suisse & daily vegan dishes.

Crafted Steaks Our commitment extends to our in-house butchery, where we meticulously prepare and dry-age our steaks for 30 to 40 days, depending on the cut. Expect nothing less than amazing, char-grilled steaks in an array of sizes and styles.

We’re always here to accommodate any dietary requirements. Join us at Brasserie Beau—a place where flavours flourish, and every meal tells a story.

Liam Goldstone

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