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Brasserie Beau

Our New Restaurant in Bath

Nestled within the gorgeous Hotel Indigo Bath, Brasserie Beau is a stunning new restaurant in Bath.

Stepping into this culinary haven, you’ll find yourself enveloped in beautiful surroundings—a grand Grade 1 listed Georgian building that hums with lively conversation and tantalizing aromas. Here, simplicity meets sophistication, and the heart of British cuisine takes centre stage.

Our Ethos: Celebrating the Best of Britain, Brasserie Beau adheres to a simple yet powerful ethos: only the finest British ingredients find their way onto our plates. We champion wild food and support small producers, ensuring that every dish bursts with flavour. Our executive Chef Liam Goldstone and his team orchestrate a symphony of taste, infusing each creation with care and seasonal magic.

A Gastronomic Oasis Beau offers an escape from the bustling town centre—a sanctuary where you can eat, drink, and unwind. Whether you crave a leisurely brunch, a quality steak, or classic Sunday lunch, our friendly and knowledgeable team awaits. And let’s not forget our extensive wine list and the allure of our cocktail bar and terrace—perfect for indulging your senses.

Private Moments, Shared Delights At Brasserie Beau, we cater to all occasions. Whether you’re gathering with a large group or seeking an intimate setting, our range of table sizes accommodates every need. Private areas await those celebrating special moments.

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